Following The River

Tiber, or Tevere, or flavus(the blond, because the yellowish tones) is a good Continue reading


Christmas decor on via Margutta


A nice itinerary to shoot&shop would guide you from Termini to Colosseo(subway) then afoot on via dei Fori Imperiali(ruins, tourists, some gladiators, street artists and small trade) towards Il Vittoriano and Piazza Venezia. You might want to climb the stairs of the giant monument dedicated to king Vittorio Emanuele II Continue reading

eating like an Italian

…and I don’t say “like a Roman” because I live in the house of a Napolitan lady who although lives in Rome for more than twenty years cooks like in Campagna most of the time. Napolitan cuisine is more rich, amalgamated and intertwined,as is their strange wonderful city and region. A mixture of Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Arab and you name it. Proud locvacious hardy people of south, very different of the solemnly depressed Romans, always ready for patronising. Not exaggerating very much, you know.

Oh yes, about the lunch. Continue reading